Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm New...I Don't Know What To Do!

Well I'm new to this whole blogging world...so bear with me as I try to get things rolling! This week=so far, so good and pretty uneventful. I went to church on Sunday with my family, and heard this really good quote that I have had on my mind ever since: "Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die." Our Sunday dinner was A M A Z I N G! We had breaded ranch chicken, cheesy crock-pot potatoes, salad, rolls and milk! Can I just say that my Mom never disappoints? I finished reading "Catching Fire" the sequel to "The Hunger Games". I enjoyed it, but it left me wanting more! I hate books like that. I guess I'll have to be patient and wait for the next one to come out, whenever that is! My cute cousin Parker has been giving me a hard time because I've been taking my sweet time finishing the book and he is waiting to read it. He has been on the waiting list at the library since summertime and was about #15o on the list. As soon as I finished it, Clarin and I drove over to Farmington to drop it off for him. He was very happy to say that least and I suspect by now that he already has it finished. After spending some time with the Farmington Franks laughing uncontrollably as you always do when you're around my Uncle Mark, we kept up the Sunday tradition of watching The Amazing Race. It is getting close to the end of the season with only about five teams left. I am not looking forward to it being over because it will be another several months before it starts up again. It has become a fun Sunday tradition between me, my Grandma and sisters. Monday I spent unpacking from my St. George trip last week, doing laundry, cleaning out my dresser drawers, and other things around the house. Oh, I also made some peanut butter bars that turned out delicious! Clarin was "sick" and stayed home from school today so I babied her by making her Top Raman, milkshakes, and making sure she was taken care of. Macy and I went to a yoga class Monday night and once we got all of our giggles and "farts" out, we really enjoyed it. It was totally relaxing and quite a good work-out actually! We are sore today! I am going to start going several times a week. :) Namaste! Today is Tuesday, and if I can drag myself off this couch (which is a big IF at this point!) and away from the TV which is playing a Law and Order: SVU marathon all day today, my day looks like this: shower, get ready for the day, go to the library for some new books to read, Walmart to pick up a new digital camera to further assist me in the blogging :) and to do some grocery shopping for the dinner I'll be cooking tonight for the family (Fettechini alfredo, french bread and salad! Yum!) and meditation class tonight at 6:30. This will be my first meditation class, and I'm so excited! :) Happy Tuesday everyone! <3

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